Awards for pitches of 2020FreshPitch 2020-09-16
Fresh Media Lab : New Media and New Trend of Content Creation and Distribution 2020-09-15
Fresh Media Lab : VR and Documentary 2020-09-15
Fresh Dialogue : A New Journey for CCTV Documentary Channel with Convergence Media Creation 2020-09-15
Fresh Dialogue : Insights into China from a multi-dimension international perspective 2020-09-15
Fresh Dialogue : Strive for A Shared Future---Solidarity and Cooperation of Documentary Makers 2020-09-15
Social Engagement Forum : Documentary Images in the Era of Convergence Media 2020-09-15
Social Engagement Forum:The Development Path of Chinese Nature Documentary 2020-09-15
Release of 2020 FreshPitch date! 2020-08-11
The shortlist of Pitch was announced 2020-08-07