Listen to the story of Zhouzhuang - Dust of dreams of it

2019-06-03 17:00:15

Zhouzhuang,a small town surrounded by water in the south of Yangtze River,has existed for 900 years silently.In 1978,an artist,Yang Mingyi introduced the beauty of Zhouzhuang to the world,who is regarded as the first one to find Zhouzhuang.In 1986,Zhuang Chundi,former alcalde of the small town,was the first one to plan for ancient town preservation,so that it could become “the best waterside town in China”.In 2008,Zhou Chen,a book binding designed a book named Out-of-Print Zhouzhuang.In 2019,Zhou Chen will design and publish a book named The Life Experience of Zhouzhuang,whose contents are precious old photos of Zhouzhuang in the 1970s photographed by Yang Mingyi. Lingzi,hostess of the “Listen”,an art program of Phoenix TV,will invite the above-mentioned there guests to uncover the past secrets of Zhouzhuang to participants of “Fresh Pitch”.